Animal Happiness




We deliver expert consultation for your animal welfare organisation or project. Our areas of focus include animal welfare science, companion animal population management, rabies control, shelter medicine and veterinary education.

We can provide training and education in animal welfare science, facilitation for strategic planning and policy development, and recommendations on animal welfare projects.


Animal Happiness is an animal welfare consultancy run by Dr Natasha Lee. She is a veterinarian from Malaysia with over 13 years of experience in animal welfare. Dr Lee also holds an MSc in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law from the University of Edinburgh.

She has experience managing a high-volume, high-quality, and affordable neuter clinic in Malaysia that was running sustainably. She had also managed several companion animal projects across Asia, including large-scale projects in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. She has experience advocating animal welfare to Asian governments and organisations on humane approaches using science-based, comprehensive, and participatory methods. Other experiences within companion animal welfare include providing technical training, facilitating workshops, planning and monitoring projects, lobbying, and participating in high level discussions such as the FAO-led expert meeting on dog population management in 2011.

Dr Lee also has experience leading a campaign to include animal welfare science into veterinary curricula across Asia. She provided training to more than half of the 250 veterinary schools in Asia, started a network of animal welfare educators, and conducted online courses for vets that had been supported by the Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations as well as esteemed vet schools in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Edinburgh.

She is currently an independent animal welfare consultant working with organisations such as the Humane Society International and the World Animal Health Organisation (OIE). She also sits on the World Small Animal Veterinary Association’s Animal Welfare Guidelines Sub-Committee.